Worship Ministry

Assisting Minister: Assist the pastor during the service with leading portions of the service such as the Prayer of the Day, Creed, prayers and communion distribution.

Lesson Readers: Assist in church service by reading chosen scripture lessons at given time of the service.

Communion Assistants: Assist the Pastor and Assisting Minister in serving Holy Communion.

Acolytes: Primarily confirmation students light/extinguish candles prior to/after church services. However, others from the congregation are welcome to serve in this capacity.

Altar Guild: Prepare the communion table prior to service and clear/clean the table after worship.

Ushers: Assist with weekly services by handing out bulletins and aiding parishioners and guests. Also, collect offering and direct flow of people during Holy Communion distribution.

Eucharist Ministers: These members fulfill an important need for our church by taking communion and the Word of God monthly to our homebound members. Special training is provided.

Collection Counters: Become part of a team that count the offerings on Monday mornings.